Existence – Feb 1, 2016

I received a prototype revision at 3am when I was about to go to bed, afterwards, I received continuous notifications from my Whatsapp because different colleagues were expressing their thoughts and comments on the revised prototype. You might think this is crazy, working at 3am then have to wake up for work the next day during regular office hours, but for Idea Bloc’s staff, this is a norm. We are not a large corporation where we need to cater for different time zone work hours, we are not the boss of the company who spends their own money in the business hence can justify the crazy work hours; we are only employees of the company, why are we willing to put up with this shit?

I have a strong urge to find out the meaning of existence ever since I was in University. One of my professors once told me, there are some characteristics and traits all human shares, one of those is the feeling of existence, the feeling of wellbeing, a sense of existence that does not depend on material goods. This topic can be very deep, very philosophical, and very hard to grasp as it is somewhat intangible, but no matter what, I was determined to find my own answer on the purpose of my existence, I was determined to achieve something that truly belongs to me. It can be my final year thesis, compose my own music score, open my own company, it can be anything! The main point is, I am in control, I have ownership, it’s a reflection of who I am.

The urge to find my existence became even stronger when both of my parents passed away a few years ago. They have accomplished so much during the course of their existence, yet the only thing they can leave behind were only memories deep inside my memory bank… 40, 50 years later, even memories will disappear. Isn’t this a great paradox? Something that genuine exists before can at the same time become non-existent. Old photographs will fade, meaningful left-behind objects will become meaningless. I am not claiming we can erase existence, what once physically exists really did exist before, but emotionally, I suspect people needed other people, events and objects to solidify their proof of existence, these are the things that will be stored in the memory bank of others hopefully for a long long time.

I don’t have the ambition to save the world and by no means am I just trying to escape the complicated corporate world by working in a small start-up. Selfishly, I want to leave a mark of my existence. At Idea Bloc, we are not trying to develop world saving apps, or apps that will prevent the extinction of mankind. But I believe even apps of lesser scale, if manged efficiently and effectively can also do good for the society.

We work 5 days a week, if not more. Our lifestyle becomes routine; at work, we focus on our jobs at hand, after work we take care of our private life. We talk to the same people, we get advice from other elders and scholars…. But I encourage you to take a deep breath and have a deeper thought regarding your own existence, you will realize that nothing should be taken for granted. Each of you need to walk your own path, each of you have to make decisions for ourselves. The world has too many “norms” that dictate us as to what we should do already! We live for ourselves and not for others. I wish everyone at Idea Bloc can discover their own reason of their existence. Use that reason as your foundation to give directions to your life and work. You are all a compass for your own existence. Make your own choices, take control of your life and give your life a meaningful value.


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