Business Prosperity – Feb 10, 2016

I was instructed by Eric to come in to office on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year to turn on the computer, check my emails, in short to do some work (While others are still enjoying their holidays!) According to fung shui, starting work that day is supposed to bring Idea Bloc prosperity.

We are not the only business that believes (or kind of believe) in fung shui. Many Hong Kong billionaires hire their personal fung shui masters at an extremely high cost. Even shopping malls will find fung shui masters to look at the malls and make appropriate adjustments based on the fung shui master’s comments hoping to bring in more business in the new year. I know many successful businessmen whom believe in fung shui, but the secret to their success is definitely not solely based on this traditional Chinese superstitions. These businessmen all have their own charismas, they all have the necessary entrepreneur traits to make themselves successful.

Many friends asked me whether I believe in fung shiu but that’s a tough question for me to answer and I don’t have much knowledge on this topic. For me, there are certain controllable ingredients one must have in order to own a successful business: knowledge, skillset, instincts, and connections are crucial for one’s success. Then there are outside factors such as fung shui which we can’t control. For perfectionists (Which most entrepreneurs are), when they have taken care of the “controllable” factors, then they will use outside factors such as fung shui to maximize their business results. No wonder fung shui has become a big business!

Like many things, we must set priorities when we are starting up a business. We must do well on all the things under our control in order to “qualify” to seek business enhancements through fung shui. I look forward to the day when Idea Bloc only needs to depend on fung shui to enhance the success of our business.

PS: I just did a quick online search. According to GOOGLE, there are good time slots on the 3rd. 4th and 5th days of the Chinese New Year calendar. It seems to encourage the bosses not to make employees work during the holiday. It’s also good for the bosses as there are so many dates to choose from, but being bosses I bet they will make the employees get back to work as soon as possible.


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