What an exciting MWC 2016 – Mar 1, 2016

After the first review of the new product for 2016, I can tell there is so many new technology is coming out such as new mobile and new tablet. The trend would seem to be going with different device for your mobile such as 360 cameras, remote camera, music plugin etc
From my point of view LG has been so creative able to build a device to be able to replace with so many different parts just base on what you want. The design of the new phone may not be a big change which is pretty much they have build their own style of the phone and so as Samsung. However, with their other plugin such as the camera and the music plugin and the other accessories which I would say the most surprising product for this year!

However, I would question if people would be willing to buy all those accessories or willing to change often just base on the occasion they are going to. As of you may have to carry quite a lot of tools if you are going to travel or just going to a park to play with.

I am still looking forward to wait for the second android phone for BlackBerry which is the Vienna. This is the leaked design which I really like the design and the phone layout. Hopefully they will announce within this month

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