Balance – March 7, 2016

We all need balance in life and in our career, but I must be the first to admit, I am not too good in keeping balances and that is one thing I hope I can improve in 2016. There are many different types of balances and depending on your priorities some will be more important than others.

Balance of diet, more vegetables less meat, less sugar and less oil. I am a total failure in this balance as I am a food lover (As you can tell by my size). Pizza, hamburger, wine, beer, chips, bring it on! Salad? Yuck! But no matter what, health is most important, if you don’t have a balance diet and be healthy how can you do all the things you are set to do? 2016, Dennis Ma hopefully will become more of a cow and eat more greens.

Work Life Balance, for the past 2 years, I see Chun and Eric more than I see my brother who lives in the same apartment as me. I Facetime my parents (Who lives in Vancouver) and my sister (Who lives in London) way less than when I was working for an employer. My close friends have been complaining that they can’t get hold of me. I always can make up excuses like “I am now in a start-up, and this is a start-up life” but no matter what kind of work we do, it’s important not to lose track and loose contact with your loved ones. Don’t just get drowned into work, relax yourself once in a while and refresh yourself, new ideas will come pouring in and some of the problems you were stuck on, you will be amazed after a glass of wine with your mates, that you suddenly can find an answer. No matter how much money you make, what good is it if you can’t share your joy, laughter and care with your family and friends. Don’t EVER EVER neglect people that you love and care for.

Gender balance in the work force, we have 10 macho guys in the team, 10…. Guys that like video games, cars, watches, tech devices and of course fashion! At first I wasn’t too worry about this as I thought mobile apps and fashion (The industry related to FABY) are universal and gender-free, but obviously I am wrong. When we were developing our initial prototype for FABY, I realized our shortcoming. Some people that we showed our prelim prototype to complained our fonts are too masculine, our scrapbook example displays are mostly male fashion and not enough female fashion which makes female thinks FABY is for men’s only. Not that we don’t follow women’s fashion trends but definitely our expertise is on the male side. Luckily, we were able to solve this imbalance quickly by successfully persuading my long-time friend Michell Lie to join Idea Bloc. Michell is a fashion lover herself (She loves buying from Indie designers too), has tons of fashion contacts, worked in Yahoo before, a veteran in the advertising, branding and marketing industries. She is like the complete package! I spent countless hours, and used all my charm and persuasion skills to attract her to work for Idea Bloc! She will be instrumental helping us in business development and to provide a female point of view on the work we are doing.

Welcome to our “macho” team Michell! I am now more confident than ever that we will have a great product in FABY with Michell’s participation. Ok, one balance fixed, time to work on the other two….


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