Macau Visits – March 28, 2016

People that have been following Idea Bloc probably know that we have been in and out of Macau pretty often lately…and we are there not solely for fun! Other than gambling, the government of Macau are actually very supportive of start-ups and SMEs by providing various funding schemes to them with the aim of making the economy of the special administrative region more vibrant and to create more opportunities for small businesses so they have a higher chance of survival.

Being an opportunist, of course Idea Bloc will not miss this chance! FABY has the objective of creating the most effective and efficient social commerce platform for fashion Independent designers and we are not only inclusive of Hong Kong independent designers, we also hope we can attract independent designers from Taiwan and Macau. We want FABY to become the most effective and efficient social commerce platform for Greater China independent designers!

All right, enough of work! Being part of the Idea Bloc family, we all have the mentality of work hard, play hard…so we did “create” some leisure time for ourselves. Rather than gambling, we are more interested in FOOD! The well-known delicacies are of course pork chop bun, bread pudding, Portuguese egg tart, etc. Lately, the place we go to most often is the “Main Street” in Broadway hotel where they gather a lot of the famous Asian restaurants/cafes in one centralized area. Restaurants like Taiwan’s Du Hsiao Yueh, Shanghai’s Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, Hong Kong’s Hung’s Delicacies, etc are all within the main street of Broadway Hotel! Our favourite restaurant is Lei Ka Choi where the team can sit outdoor to enjoy the lovely surrounding while eating authentic beef and lamb hotpots! Who knows, next time if you are in the Macao area we might bump into each other!


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