Online Search – April 5, 2016

I enjoy living in the peaceful country side in the New Territories with friendly neighbors and convenient transportation to get me to work efficiently at Science Park. The only thing I have a legitimate reason to complain about is the slow Internet speed. After high school, I seldom watch television. For the past few years I don’t think I turn on the TV more than 10 hours for the entire year combine. Hence, Internet is my ONLY entertainment and slow Internet speed literally killed off my one and only entertainment!

I have always been intrigued by the info I find on the Internet. Lately, I find answers for 2 questions that I have ever since I was young from the Internet:

1. When I first wake up in the morning, still in a daze, I see fuzzy, translucent, moving objects, I finally find out this is call the “Scheerer’s phenomenon”
2. Why pressing different music keys combo (in music terms: major and minor) can magically make someone feel joy or sorrow? If you have the same query as me, I encourage to watch the short clip “Music and Math: The Genius of Beethoven” by Ted. It’s available on YouTube.

Of course, we can’t trust everything on the Internet, but Online search has to be the best starting point to look for answers. If you are doing any kind of research, the first entry point is probably searching the Internet. Internet search plays a vital role in my work not to mention the birth off Google has completely change the way I learn things and completely change the way I complete my work tasks.

When we are learning English, we used to reach over to our thick dictionary as our only source of solution, now with Google Translate, that dictionary is probably kept in your bookshelf with plenty of dust on the cover. When we want to know how to use a word in a sentence, Google Translate becomes a life saver. Before, we have to look up the word in the dictionary, find the right meaning since there might be different meanings to the word you are looking for, then look at the sentence examples in order for you to know the accurate sentence structure. Should I use “I am happy” or “I feel happy”? Nowadays, I just type in both sentences in the search box and I can see which sentence I should use. If both sentence have thousands of search results, then it’s safe for me to use either.

When I was doing market research and needed some research data as backup, I just simply type in what I need such as “2015 average retail rental cost in Asia key cities” and Google will do the rest to find the info I requested. Right now I am doing some research on platforms similar to Kickstarter, so I just need to search for “kickstarter v”, “kickstarter alternatives” or “kickstarter comparisons” and Google will magically find all the info I need to help me get my job done as quickly as possible. Need to zone in on a geographic location? Just search “kisckstarter hong kong” or “kickstarter hk”, it’s that simple.

If you want to maximize the ways to do Internet search and become a search master, I recommend you to read the book by O’Riley call “Google Hack”. Happy reading!


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