Reminiscence – April 13, 2016

Eason Chan once again returned to Taipei for his concert tour and many memories came back while listening to his all-time favourites! Of course, conveniently, I then went on to Apple Music and downloaded many of his songs to my mobile devices. Back when I was still a student I remembered how difficult it was to acquire the hottest CDs, not only did you need connections, you also needed cash (In Hong Kong and Taiwan, depending on which CD you might need to pay double the retail price!). However, for my singing career, I had no choice but to bite the bullet.

Troubled time came along with the appearance of MP3 and other pirate versions free download which affected the entire music industry, the quality of music dropped dramatically. Out of 10 to 12 songs in a CD, probably only 2 to 3 songs were worth listening to, the others were just placeholders to make up the numbers. The consumers were forced to pay for the whole CD with only limited number of good songs and in the end even the most loyal music fans gave up on buying true version CDs. Nowadays, the environment is even harsher for the singers with online music business in full bloom…only the best music survives with the flexibility and convenience of the online music business. Come to think of it, the MP3/Pirate music online download era 20 years ago actually laid the groundwork for the online music business of today! This is human nature, most of the time we can’t handle what we created from the beginning.

Still, call me old fashioned, call me an oldie, I missed the good old days of unwrapping a brand new CD.


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