Technology and Advertising - May 9, 2016

People within the same target segment might share similar behaviours, but after all, we are humans, each of us do have unique preferences. Humans are also emotional animals, based on different surroundings or the mood on a particular day, we might act differently from our “normal” behaviours. I think most of you will have the same experience as me where you see a product which at first does not interest you one bit and you were pretty sure that you won’t buy that product, but somewhere and somehow, after a while, that “useless” product find a place in your home. Back in the “traditional” days, since there were lack of real time data, advertisers and marketers can only conduct market research and analysis and then position their product to aim at the largest on-target audience and push all their advertising to that target segment. Nowadays, marketers and advertisers know that there is more than just mass advertising. Exposing your product to the right target audience at the right place, at the right time with the right message is the key. Personalization, that’s key.

Now-a-days, Programmatic advertising or Ad-tech is a hot topic, just do a Google search and you will see tons and tons of info about the topic, and it’s not the big advertising agencies that are only going into this realm, Big Corp conglomerates, tech giant companies, consulting firms, even start-ups are jumping on to this business. Everyone wants a piece of this high potential business which utilises the latest technology of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, algorithms, cross platforms, real-time bidding, social media, big data, etc…

One Sunday night, you came across a watch forum, you had a quick browse, shut off the computer then lights out for a good night sleep. For the following week, while you were watching your favorite sitcom on your mobile device on the MTR, you discovered the main character is wearing that watch brand. Suddenly, you see that particular brand communication messages in all of your touch points: in your mobile phone, work computer, home computer, even unboxing videos on YouTube! From the unboxing videos and contents from content farm websites, you see many positive remarks toward that particular brand, wow, that watch brand must be good! More importantly, even though you still don’t know much about their products, but you already feel you knew that brand for a long time, you already have a positive reinforcement with their watches . You THINK you know that brand and suddenly, in a subliminal state of mind, you became that watch brand’s advocate. In a blink of an eye, Friday came along, while you were searching on your mobile phone for the restaurant which your friend reserved a table, a message popped up on your phone stating there is an event for that watch brand near the restaurant you are going to! From the 5 days acquaintances, this watch brand has already became your “old friend”, you imagine what the watch would look like on your wrist, you even figured out which jacket will suit the style of that watch. You looked at the time on your mobile phone and find you still have some time to spare before meeting your friends for dinner, why not take a look at the event?! You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to……and then that night, you uploaded your first unboxing video with the title “My Very First xxxxx watch”.

Now, is that coincidence, or was the whole thing a set up set-up


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