(Press Release) Photozontal – January 15, 2015


A new mobile app turns photos from a record of the past into a tool to change the future.

Traditionally photos have been seen as a record of the past. Reminders of magic moments, the ‘Good Old Days’. Now a new photo-sharing app ‘Photozontal’ developed by Idea Bloc wants to make photos a tool to change the future.

A world beset by gloom

At the present time, the world seems a gloomy place. Every day we are inundated with bad news. Earthquakes, nuclear leaks, gas explosions, political unrest. In Hong Kong people are under increasing pressure from high prices, stagnant wages, unaffordable property. Even raising a family – supposedly one of the most joyful of tasks – has become a burden for many. For many young people the future looks even bleaker with limited prospects and only poorly paid jobs with long hours to look forward to.

As a result, people are increasingly looking back to what they see as happier times. Photo sharing in particular is all about fond memories of events past.

Changing life for the better

But life doesn’t have to be about the past. Photozontal believes there is still much in life to enjoy and much to look forward to. Life can be beautiful if you make it so. Instead of looking back, photo sharing can inspire you to look forward and indeed can be a tool to help you achieve goals, fulfil dreams and actually change your future for the better.

A story of success

Instead of storing photos like an album of the past, as in most photo-sharing applications, Photozontal provides a platform to store photos horizontally like a continuing story and links the photos to a story, a dream, or simply something you want to do like lose weight, or run faster round your training loop, learn to play the guitar, pass your exams or train your dog to roll over.

Fulfilling your dreams

The goals are yours, but the photos you take and want to take tomorrow and the next day become self-fulfilling incentives for you to achieve your dreams. Better still, as people share your ongoing photo story, they can join in, and give you support, encouragement and tips. Maybe even share your dream and start their own story.

Pictures with purpose – driving the positive

Photozontal is not about the past, it’s all about the positive photos you want to take tomorrow and the next day to show your progress. Pictures with purpose. Pictures about a brighter better tomorrow. Even many tiny achievements can create a hugely positive mood of happiness.

Celebrity encouragement

Prominent achievers in the community, celebrities and other inspirational figures will also be using Photozontal to share their stories. Users can join in their efforts in a mutual exchange of support for a better tomorrow.

Public launch on 15 January

Photozontal will launch free to the public on 15 January on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is also linked to Facebook and Weibo so Photozontalists can share on those platforms too

Launch competition

During the launch period from 22 January – 6 February the public can join in an exciting Facebook Wall Game called “The Colors of Life”. Contestants have to submit a PhotoStory with a minimum of three pictures showing their goal for a single day or a single week under the theme of “I Wanna Enjoy Life to the Fullest”.

Entries will be posted on the Photozontal Facebook page and on www.photozontal.com the top three PhotoStories selected by Idea Bloc will each win a SONY mobile digital camera that works in conjunction with a mobile phone. There will also be 10 consolation prizes of wide lenses for a mobile device. Full details are available at www.photozontal.com

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